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Smart Wheelchair

Some of my current research is on the Smart Wheelchair Project. For a short video about the project, check out Engineering Smart Wheelchairs. My work on this project focuses on enabling precision navigation while still ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for the user. I have also been taking experimental data and analyzing it for a forthcoming IROS 2011 paper comparing control modes a person using an autonomous wheelchair, such as joystick control or a verbal interface that mimics a joystick.

Otto, the CWRU Smart Wheelchair For another video showing the Otto, the smart wheelchair, under the control of a verbal joystick, see YouTube. This demonstrates an early version of our "motoric" mode wherein the user emulates a physical joystick by giving verbal commands.

This project also encompasses work creating an autonomous Hoyer lift, with the end goal of a Smart Wheelchair and Smart Lift being able to autonomously dock in order to transfer a user in and out of the Smart Wheelchair. Mater, the Smart Lift